For over a decade Consumer Culture figures as the point of departure for most of my ideas and processes. These consist in all forms and shapes — mass manufactured goods, unique rarities, gourmet cuisine, junk food, images of any sort, and any other man-made trappings we can fit into our house, office, car, pockets, mouths and eyeballs. But what inherently captivates me is the current system of never-ending transformed material that perpetuates the continuous and autonomous cycle of this human desire.

The discarded plastic packaging shells and molds of yesterday's booty echo this desire and autonomy. Even with the knowledge of the environmental conundrum of having no place to take our recycled plastics (China has stopped taking it, and even then, much of it was going into foreign landfills) the gears do not stop turning.

For me working with the abandoned, feral containers of yesterday's products is an act of meditation. A manner of looking at these vessels as the entrails of the ever-devouring animal/machine. Their refractions and contours, lucid and light, become emancipated from our concerns through the very thing they delivered. Crafted from some of our most precious resources these ghosts will become the landscape, or the raft we float upon to survive, or maybe just more space junk.

Recently I have started using this material and the many different manufactured forms as molds to develop small three-dimensional paintings. Cast from raw pigment and plaster the objects hold an identity teetering between mechanized detritus and the resulting formations of sedimentary deposits, a fossilized artifact. It is this tension and relationship between the man-made and the natural that drive the development of these artworks. 



2024     All Angles/Group Show: Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA

2023     15th Annual Juried Show: Prince Street Gallery, New York City, NY

             Contemporary Drawing: Western Wyoming Community College, Rock Springs, WY

             5th Annual Online Juried Exhibition: IdahermaMuseum of Art Foundation

2021     The State of Contemporary Drawing: Hilliard Gallery, Kansas City, MO

             Small Artworks Exhibition: Art Works Downtown, San Rafael, CA

2019     Solo Exhibition: Crown, Oakland, CA

2017     3 Person Exhibition: James May Gallery, Algoma WI

2016     Bizzare Bizaar: Roots Division, San Francisco, CA

2015     Solo Exhibition: Cañada College, San Mateo CA

2013     Solo Exhibition: The Lab, San Francisco, CA

2012     Figure / Ground 4 person show, Liberty Arts, Yreka, CA

             Centering the Margin: curated by Anthony Ryan, Roots Division San Francisco, CA

             Listo (performance)

                  The Independent, San Francisco, CA

                   The Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA

                   The Casbah, San Diego, CA

                   Park Life San Francisco, CA

                   Stork Club Oakland, CA

2011     Chain Letter curated by Christian Cummings & Doug Harvey, Shoshana Wayne

             Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2010     Solo Exhibition: Lake Gallery, San Francisco, CA

             Proliferations: curated by Katherine Worel, OFFSpace, San Francisco, CA

2009     Next New: Green: curated by Susan O’Malley & Cathy Kimball, ICA, San Jose, CA

             Retractions: curated by Whitney Lynn, Root Division, San Francisco, CA

2008     Bay Area Currents: curated by Aimee Reed, Oakland Art Gallery, Oakland, CA

2007     Paper Cuts III: curated by Thomos Wojak, Fetterly Gallery, Vallejo, CA

             SFSU MFA Thesis Exhibition, SFSU Fine Arts Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2006     New Media Prospectus: curated by Stephen Anderson, OCCCA, Santa Ana, CA

             Ephemera: curated by Melissa Christiano, The Arts Center, St. Petersburg, FL

2005     Stillwell Exhibition, SFSU Fine Arts Gallery, San Francisco, CA

             The Most Powerful Sound, Hayes Valley Market Gallery, San Francisco, CA

             CIA at the ATA: ATA Gallery,San Francisco, CA

2004     804 Noise Festival, Polka Dot Gallery, Richmond, VA

              Panorama, Orange Door, Richmond, VA


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2004 - 07 Master of Fine Arts: New Practices, San Francisco State University, San Francisco CA. *(Honors)

1990 – 94 Bachelor of Fine Arts: Painting and Printmaking, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA.